Rad Radii

We’ve been working through deciding the final radii details on the sofa legs and arm panels. We put one of our iPhones on the panel while mocking up two leg prototypes and noticed a nice comparison of the iPhone rad’s and the panels/legs.

Comparing Radii

Using the iPhone X to reference Radii

Headboard Packaging Update

We just got in our first sample of the updated headboard packaging and we think it looks great! It’s always fun to see how the packages develop from the blank prototype to the production version with full printed graphics and production pieces inside.


A sofa needs legs to stand

The legs will be a defining visual and functional feature of the Floyd Sofa. We’ve been developing the legs for a few months now, starting with sketches and early prototypes and going through numerous iterations. Here’s a few of our development sketches and prototypes as we worked through the profile design, connections, and overall shape/feel.

Sofa Concepting

We’ve been working on a sofa! We began the design process earlier this year, starting with some concept sketching and brainstorming to determine the design constraints we wanted to work within. As with any product we design, the sofa has to look amazing, be super easy to assemble and take apart, and be made with high-quality materials, and be able to be shipped flat pack in just a few boxes. Here are some of our initial concept sketches as we began the development process!

Pink String

We got a couple of prototypes of the X-brace for the shelf fabricated at a local shop. After chatting with our main steel manufacturer, however, we realized we needed to simplify the design of the wires to reduce the number of pieces and amount of welding. We’re using some pink string we had in the lab to mockup wire paths.

Sometimes something as analog as string is the best tool for the job

Hooks & Slots

After testing our initial prototype using steel shelves that attach to wood verticals with threaded inserts and hand-fasteners, we’ve realized we need more strength. We’ve been looking at some wall hanging shelves that use a hook & slot system, so we had a shelf with some hooks prototyped and bought some off-the-shelf tracks with slots to test building a shelf with this system.