Sometimes it starts with a backpack

When prototyping a new mechanism, sometimes we find that something we use every day can be a starting point for a new prototype. Sometimes the simplest things around you are actually very intentional pieces of design that once you take a deeper look are very clever mechanisms. This week we’ve been working on a way to secure our bookshelf to the wall. These are still very early prototypes, but this is something we want to make 110% works in preventing any tip over. When thinking of how we could use a nylon strap to hold the bookshelf to the wall, we noticed the simple buckle on a backpack strap that allows you to easily adjust the length, but once it’s in position, is impossible to pull loose. We then thought about how we could replicate this simple system into our wall anchor. We’re still working through all the details of this component, but take a look at some photos below.

This simple buckle is actually a very clever piece of design


Early prototype of a wall attachment

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With a passion for furniture design past and present, Nick brings an attentive eye to each and every detail, making sure every Floyd product is not only functional, but beautiful too.

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