The Cushions Don’t Slide!

The cushions are held snug by the legs and other cushions.

We have received a quite a few inquiries about the cushions on the new Floyd Sofa, with people wondering how the cushions stay in place. The short answer is that the cushions stay right where they’re supposed to – no sliding! The long answer is this: The design of the sofa features a flat main seat platform, the reason for this was so we could use all the same legs for the sofa, which keeps the design sleek, while streamlining our production process. Most couches and sofas you’ve probably sat in have either springs or webbing that help you to ‘sink in’ to the sofa while you sit. Instead of going this route, we designed a special ‘foam well’ – a layer of seating foam built into the seat platform that helps you to ‘sink in’ when you sit, without springs that wear out over time or squeak. This foam well, along with a snug fit between the cushions in the frame of the Sofa, and friction between the fabric on the cushions and the fabric on the seat help to keep the cushions right in place – no sliding or slipping off over time! The cushions are also extremely comfortable!



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With a passion for furniture design past and present, Nick brings an attentive eye to each and every detail, making sure every Floyd product is not only functional, but beautiful too.

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