Intuitive Assembly – The Floyd Tool.

Ever since we launched with The Floyd Leg, we’ve been keen on avoiding the need for tools to assemble our products. It’s something we’ve long believed in, and for good reason. Tools can be a hassle – not everyone has tools at home, the tools included with products are often cheaply made and easy to loose, and they imply the use of tiny screws and other frustrating bits of hardware. Stepping back a bit, the core idea behind the assembly of our products is that it should be intuitive – just a few simple steps to repeat to complete assembling our products – and for our bed and table products, that’s been the case. While designing the Sofa, this was no different. We sought to make this the world’s most take-apart-able sofa – and it is! But it’s also very easy to put together (we do recommend having a friend help, though!). However, to make the design as beautiful as possible, we opted to use hex-drive screws to attach the arm and back panels of the sofa. This allows the connections to be flat, so you won’t feel it through the arm and back cushions. To attach these screws, you do need a hex key. But instead of just including an off-the-shelf tool, which we could have easily done, we decided to make this a special Floyd Tool – it includes the hex key needed for assembly, but also doubles as a bottle opener (so, if you want a cold carbonated, or even fermented beverage after putting together your sofa, you have what you need for that too). Finished in our bright red and stamped with our logo, you’ll want to keep this this one around in case you do move and need to take apart your sofa, but in the mean time, keep it in your kitchen and use whenever you need to crack a cold drink (you can also use the 4mm hex key for any other application!).

Here are a few pics from the development of The Floyd Tool:

Assembling a prototype of the tool

Testing the tool

Some laser-cut parts for prototypes

The finished tool!

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