Clean & Safe Fabric

While researching the best fabric to use for The Floyd Sofa, we wanted something that would be super easy to clean, but also environmentally and health safe. The fabric we chose has a stain-resistant technology, which means our fabrics go great with coffee, wine, or ice cream. All that’s needed to clean most spills is a damp rag and a bit of soapy water. But how does this all work, and is it safe for consumers?

floyd sofa

The fabric on the Floyd Sofa

The strands of the polyester fabric are coated with a stain-resistant treatment before being woven into the fabric that you can find on our sofa’s cushions. This special coating prevents any liquids from penetrating the fibers of the fabric itself, allowing you to simply wipe away any spill the cushions may encounter.

One type of question our Customer Experience team often hears when we are launching new products  is, “are there any harmful chemicals in the product?” With all of our products, we strive to make them as safe and environmentally friendly as possible – that’s why we use CARB-2 certified plywood on all of our bed and table products, and why we chose the all-natural linoleum for the surface of our tables.

When designing the world’s first Floyd Sofa then, we kept this top-of-mind. But a sofa has cushions, and fabric, a new territory for us. We reached out to a close partner to help develop and advise us on this part of the design. We chose our fabric because of its soft, comfortable feel, its stain-resistance, and its shorter chain C6 fluorocarbon-based treatment.

What was that last part? Similar to Patagonia’s Durable Water Repellent, we chose a shorter-chain C6 fluorocarbon-based treatment because it breaks down faster over time and is less harmful for the environment. This means the fabric is virtually spill-proof (try for yourself with our swatches!), all while having a lower impact on the environment both inside and outside of your home.

As with all our products, we continue to seek the highest quality, most sustainable materials possible — The Floyd Sofa is no exception. We believe that furniture should be made for the home, not the landfill — but if one our pieces ends up in the landfill then we want it to have the least impact on the environment.

floyd sofa

Floyd Sofa fabric – virtually spill proof

floyd sofa

Simply clean any spills with a damp paper towel and a dab of soap

floyd sofa

No trace!

Rad Radii

We’ve been working through deciding the final radii details on the sofa legs and arm panels. We put one of our iPhones on the panel while mocking up two leg prototypes and noticed a nice comparison of the iPhone rad’s and the panels/legs.

Comparing Radii

Using the iPhone X to reference Radii

Headboard Packaging Update

We just got in our first sample of the updated headboard packaging and we think it looks great! It’s always fun to see how the packages develop from the blank prototype to the production version with full printed graphics and production pieces inside.


A sofa needs legs to stand

The legs will be a defining visual and functional feature of the Floyd Sofa. We’ve been developing the legs for a few months now, starting with sketches and early prototypes and going through numerous iterations. Here’s a few of our development sketches and prototypes as we worked through the profile design, connections, and overall shape/feel.

Sofa Concepting

We’ve been working on a sofa! We began the design process earlier this year, starting with some concept sketching and brainstorming to determine the design constraints we wanted to work within. As with any product we design, the sofa has to look amazing, be super easy to assemble and take apart, and be made with high-quality materials, and be able to be shipped flat pack in just a few boxes. Here are some of our initial concept sketches as we began the development process!